The name partner has studied at Aitchison College and has done his LLB from Punjab Law College, Lahore he has also passed the Academic Stage (CPE) of the Bar from London Guildhall University (now renamed London Metropolitan university), and  has over fourteen  years of experience as a law practitioner to his credit. Working under leading and pre eminent legal counsels of the country in well reputed corporate law firms, since 1998 .He thus has exposure to high profile litigation.

Based in Islamabad, Nadeem Hasan is not only  retained  as a legal counsel by several organizations, notably the Pakistan Telecommunication Company ( PTCL) where he had been a retained counsel for Six years (2003-2009), but is also on the  panel of  advocates of various  others. In addition to that he is also on the Legal team of the Country’s Leading Automobile Manufacturers in a prominent and intricate  product liability litigation pending in the District as well as the High and the Supreme Court of Pakistan., since the last nine years. Recently he has also worked as a Senior Prosecutor for the National Accountability Bureau(NAB) in the Islamabad High Court .

Being elected as the Secretary (Finance) of the ISLAMABAD HIGH COURT BAR, (2009-10)  his credentials as a well respected member of the legal community are also firmly established.

Rest of the Legal Team includes:

  • Raja Muhammed Sarfraz (Advocate High Court)
    Remained associated for a number of years  till  2008, and is currently pursuing higher studies  in the UK


  • Kazim Jameel (Advocate High Court)
    Also remained associated for a couple of years till 2009 .His areas of expertise are civil/criminal / Rent /Family cases etc.


  • Zahoor  Elahi & Khurram Shahzad (Advocates)
    Both did  their LLB from International Islamic University Islamabad in 2010, and have joined the firm in 2011. They handle general litigation before various courts and tribunals, in addition to professionally updating the clients regarding the progress of their cases.
  • Sardar  M. Ibrahim Leghari
    LLB( IIU) LLM ( UK)

    Advocate High Court